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Overdrive Interactive Wins Prestigious PROMO Interactive Marketing Award

Overdrive, a Boston-based full service search engine marketing and online media agency specializing in lead generation, brand building and customer acquisition, announced today that the Harley-Davidson Paid Search Campaign won top honors from PROMO’s 2007 Interactive Marketing Awards in the search engine marketing category.

Overdrive was presented with the challenge of generating 20,000 leads per month during the last quarter of 2006. In order to meet this goal, Overdrive greatly expanded the list of branded and non-branded keywords that had been historically linked to Harley-Davidson to roughly 16,000 keywords. Secondly, ad copy was customized adhering to search marketing best practices for each offering and business line and then bid into the best-performing positions. Lastly, customized landing pages were created to feature relevant copy and imagery that encouraged users to register to setup a consumer profile.

“The personal data collected will be used to send direct mail and e-mail promotions, and to support dealer programs for years to come,” says Harry J. Gold, CEO and Managing Partner of Overdrive Interactive.

“There were no sweeps or incentives to prompt people to register,” he adds. “They had to voluntarily become part of Harley-Davidson’s marketing program. The success of the program shows the power of the brand.”

Tracking also played crucial role in the restructure. “The tracking system brings together keyword, click, conversion and cost data into a port that allowed us to identify the best performing terms,” Gold says. “Then you can focus more media funds on those best performing terms, as opposed to optimizing on a cost per click.”

The outcome? Impressions (the number of times that search ads were viewed) jumped an impressive 157% from August to November, while the cost per impression fell by 40%. In addition, the cost per action and cost per lead were cut in half. Most importantly, the monthly lead quota was met.

“We are delighted to be recognized with the prestigious PROMO Award. To be recognized by a jury of your peers is definitely validating and an acknowledgement of the great work that Overdrive is doing on behalf of our clients.” commented Ty Velde, Director of Client Services.

PROMO’s Interactive Marketing Awards honor the best and brightest in effective interactive marketing. This ALL-NEW program recognizes the valuable role that interactive tactics play in motivating consumer response and creating strong, exciting brands and will award winners in multiple categories—from text messaging to multi-channel tie-ins to online contests.

About Overdrive Interactive
Boston-based Overdrive Interactive (http://www.overdriveinteractive.com/) is a full service online marketing firm that specializes in branding and lead generation services using search engine optimization, paid search management, online media planning and buying, email marketing, and web and application development. The agency serves a wide range of consumer and B2B Fortune 500 companies.

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