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Overdrive Releases the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Map

With artificial intelligence on the rise, it’s essential to stay up to date on the latest tools, apps, and websites available to marketers to improve the customer journey. 

Overdrive has updated the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Map to feature the latest artificial intelligence marketing tools, apps, and websites. Uncover the most updated marketing research and Marketing AI landscape for marketers to explore. This digital map includes over 440 live links to explore the current landscape of artificial intelligence and is available to download on the Overdrive website. 

Notable Features of This Year’s Artificial Intelligence Map: 

  • 446 live active links to AI marketing tools, apps, and websites 
  • 163 new links to the latest platforms in AI 
  • Added tools for you to keep the conversation following chatbots, messaging, and virtual agents
  • And much more! 

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Map Images for your Blog or Site 

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Below are the categories you can find on the map and recently added Artificial Intelligence tools, apps, and websites. 

Behavior Analytics

Analyze your site to understand user behavior by identifying patterns. 

Understanding customer behavior is vital for marketers to promote growth. Dataiku specializes in delivering data and advanced analytics using the latest techniques to cover your behavior analytics. 


Automate conversations with real-time response platforms.

Show consumers you’re present and responsive through instant response chatbots. Botscrew is a new reliable partner serving some of the world’s most innovative businesses and connecting to various APIs to generate a wide range of customer requests. 


Never miss a customer with AI-powered conversational engagement. 

Interact with consumers using artificial intelligence without losing the human touch. Discover some of the latest messaging apps, including Signal and Threema. These apps use end-to-end encryption for in-app messaging and managing emails to provide optimal service for your business. 


Use strategy to create and align your marketing content. 

Integrating content and strategy is made simple with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Contentful and dotcms are two new quality tools for providing the fastest and easiest way to manage and deliver content to your business. 

Conversational Intelligence

Use Conversational AI to personalize the user experience and increase conversions. 

As marketers, connecting with consumers through every step of the buyer’s journey is essential. The latest conversational intelligence platforms include CallTrackingMetrics and SalesKen. Both sites drive conversions, provide data insights, and improve the overall customer experience. 

Marketing Platforms

Use AI to automate your marketing collateral and deliver personalized experiences through an integrated platform. 

Maximize your campaigns through AI-powered marketing platforms such as engagebay, and CallRail. These services provide all the marketing tools to engage and convert website visitors into customers and ultimately build long-lasting relationships by creating a more personalized experience.

Cross Channel Marketing

Build customer loyalty and improve retention by setting up cross-channel campaigns. 

Omni-channel marketing is fundamental to the delivery of campaigns across many channels. Platforms like useinsider and Acquia connect data across all channels to better manage your company’s exposure and create a consistent customer experience. 

Website Design

AI solutions that build website designs instantly. 

Website design includes many key factors crucial to your brand’s image. Platforms such as Zyro and Jimdo are great tools for building your website and creating an overall better customer experience. 

Image Analysis

Identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities in images to improve the user experience. 

AI-powered image recognition offers several types of identification and classification. Imagga lets users automate, analyze, and filter through many unstructured images. SuperAnnotate uses faster data throughout to annotate images, and even video, and text to create high-quality datasets. 

Virtual Agents

Optimize your marketing routines to maximize engagement with leads and generate more conversions.

Receive automatic action at the tip of your fingers through virtual agents like Conversica and Amelia. Monitor campaigns, customer interactions, and get automated resolutions that ensure your business is providing optimal customer satisfaction. 

Strategy & Data Analysis

Access data insights instantly and position predictions for future campaigns.  

Actionable insights are key to business growth. Improvado allows users to centralize marketing sales data all in one place, using automated dashboards and reports to drive business growth and increase customer loyalty. 


Improve customer engagement and marketing effectiveness with personalized and actionable user insights. 

Maintain customer loyalty through AI-powered CRM which allows your business to make predictions, and segmentations, and offer a valuable customer experience. CRMTogether and Pipedrive are the latest devices for helping businesses deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. 

Lead Scoring

Using predictive data to identify sales-ready leads or to find potential buyers quicker. 

Improve your leads by using accurate data through the latest platforms like Lusha, which uses higher-quality data enrichment. 

Cross-Device Advertising

An automation tool that personalizes marketing messages to consumers on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. 

Use AI-powered technology to automate campaigns across devices to increase performance. Paragone and Epom are just two of the latest platforms for reaching and engaging consumers through multiple devices.

Social Media

Make real-time decisions on your social by identifying opportunities, predicting trends, and analyzing performance. 

Connect to your audience in personalized ways that allow your business to stand out to consumers. Resonate with your target audience and increase customer loyalty by utilizing the social search platform Oribi. 

Search Engine Optimization

Automation that grows search traffic, quality leads, and decreases cost per acquisition. 

Ranking algorithms on search engines are constantly evolving. CanIRank is one of the first SEO software’s to use AI that provides specific action recommendations instead of just relying on data. 

Paid Media

AI-powered technology that takes care of setup, optimization, and reporting for your paid media campaigns. 

Optimize your Paid Media with automated bidding, valuable insights, and actionable recommendations. The latest platforms include Adalysis and TruClicks which will help improve and optimize your paid media performance. 


Build a personalized relationship with your leads by tailoring advertisements from social to email. 

Syte and Trendemon offer a more personalized experience for consumers by transforming data into personalization. 


Create a natural interactive experience with consumers through various communication channels powered by AI technology. 

Comm100 creates a positive customer experience by ensuring data is safe and secure and closes the gap between question and answer.  

Recommendation Engines

Optimize business goals, control risk, and increase consumer satisfaction with AI recommendations. 

Platforms that optimize your marketing touchpoints are helpful for showing what content is engaging your target audience. In addition, platforms like AlternativeTo is a recommendation software that helps your brand manage and organize marketing material.

Text Analytics

AI-driven analysis that aids in interpreting opinions, feedback, and moods on text instantly. 

Discover actionable insights through text that will improve the customer experience. Platforms like Meaning Cloud can help you access information buried under text to successfully collect data for your brand. 

Image Creation

Today, AI can create realistic images and interpretations of your words.

Platforms such as offer an easier process for graphic design and image editing by including AI tools for experts and nonprofessionals to automate comprehensive tasks.


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