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Search View Emulator – Lynx Viewer

Hey everyone, have a nifty little tool that lets you look at a page on your site and see it as the search engine see it. It’s called a Lynx Viewer or Search View Emulator.


I recently sent someone an email on how to use it to illustrate a point of how negative flash was from an SEO standpoint. Have a look at what I wrote to them:

Take a look at this application. The link below shows what the search engines see when the crawl your site. (Since your site is all in flash they cannot see anything.)

1) Click on this link to see our Search View Emulator:
2) Enter your full domain name: http://www.managemydollars.com/
3) Then enter mine: https://www.ovrdrv.com/
Notice all the content you can see on mine and with yours the engines see nothing. The search engines have no way to know what you are about.

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Dev Tool:

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