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Some Basic Tips for Writing Facebook Ad Copy

If you’re advertising on Facebook (and you should be), below are some basic tips to get you started in writing Facebook ad copy:

1. If you have a tag line, use it.

What makes tag lines so great is that if you you keep repeating it, it sticks in your customers’ minds: Just do it. Because you’re worth it. When you care enough to send the very best. Got milk? I’m lovin’ it.

Advertisers should make sure to use parallel messaging in their advertising efforts, across all mediums and channels. This not only breeds consistency, it also helps to generate some solid top-of-mind recall for your brand.

2. Look at your best performing Google search ad.

Sure, you can’t fit your traditional Google Haiku into a little Facebook Ad Space Unit (unless you’re doing a homepage engagement buy, then you’ll have more real estate for ad copy). But make sure to leverage your learnings from your Search campaigns, especially if you’ve been running a Google campaign longer than you’ve been running Facebook campaigns.  Real life proof that this works: a few months ago, we rotated in our best performing Google search ad (tweaked to fit character limits) into a Facebook campaign. During the week that it launched, the Google-based ads greatly outperformed the other ads, generating the most impressions and clicks.

3. Write several versions.

Start with at least two to three versions of each ad concept, then after a couple of weeks you will be able to tell which versions are performing better. You can then write new versions again based on those ads, and rotate those in the mix. It is also recommended to refresh Facebook ads after a couple of months to lower banner burnout and to keep content fresh.

4. Make sure to obey Facebook’s Rules.

Don’t make the mistake of writing Facebook ad copy, have your clients approve the ads, only to find out that Facebook will reject it. Check out the Advertising GuidelinesCommon Ad Mistakes and Facebook Ads Best Practices to prep yourself.  Also, they are called “best practices” for a reason – they are highly recommended because they work!


If you can only follow one tip – this is it. This is the cardinal rule. The very best practice ever. The most important thing to remember when you’re writing Facebook ad copy.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that they let advertisers really, really target their audience. And since you are already reaching a very specific market, you should make sure that your ad speaks to them directly. Customize your ads so that you are connecting with their interests. This way, the Facebook user will see a “personalized” ad and be more likely to click your ad or become a Fan of your page. For instance, if you’re targeting female dessert lovers on Facebook, and you’re ad contains the word “chocolate”, don’t you think your target audience is more likely to be interested in it, than say, a random ad from a bank?

These tips may seem very obvious, but sometimes they are still overlooked. The Facebook audience – and the data that Facebook offers – is really a goldmine for advertisers, and Facebook ads are a cost-efficient and effective way to reach your audience. Good luck!

Do you have your own tips on writing Facebook ad copy? Share them with us!

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