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Some of our Favorite Lunch Spots

So you know what we like. We like infographics. Reading and writing whitepapers. Hosting and attending webinars. We like you liking us.
Do you also want to know what we like to eat?

No? Okay, well we’ll tell you anyway…

We put together this little Lay of the (Lunch) Land guide for new employees, but of course it also benefits current Overdrivers, potential applicants, and the general public.

You can download the PDF here: Lay of the (Lunch) Land

Our frequented lunch spots around Allston and surrounding areas are: Lone Star Taco Bar, La Befana Pizza, Grasshopper Vegan Restaurant, Fish Market Sushi Bar, Stone Hearth Pizza, Dorado Tacos, Food Trucks, and Tavern in the Square.

Other favorites that are close to our office include: Deep Ellum, Peace o’ Pie Vegan Pizza, Harry’s Bar and Grill, Devlin’s, Smoken Joe’s BBQ, and Fiorella’s Express.

(Yes, we eat a lot of pizza and tacos. No, not all of us are vegan.)

There you have it! Some of Overdrive‘s favorite lunch spots. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section!

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