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The Conversationalists

Recently released data from Forrester Research has coined the term “The Conversationalists” for people that post a status update on a social networking or microblogging website at least once a week. The Forrester data was analyzed and published in this article from ReadWriteWeb.

So, who are the Conversationalists? More than half of The Conversationalists are female, and more than 70% are 30 years and older. This group of people contributes mainly to online discussions with their friends on social networking sites. This group of internet users is the fastest growing group of adults online, and based on their usage patterns, may be more focused on maintaining current relationships rather than developing new ones.

Although The Conversationalists are rapidly increasing, the number of Creators (those who publish their own content) has remained quite steady. As the aforementioned ReadWriteWeb article proposed, this is most likely due to the fact that it is relatively easy to join a social network, but much more difficult to consistently create and maintain internet content.

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