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Desktop trumps Mobile in local search

Searching For Local information

The Smart Shopper: Searching Local Information:


Ever wonder what the digital footsteps of a user is when performing search functions specific to location based queries? Below are some interesting findings with desktop and mobiles part in the users search behavior and preferences. So, believe it or not looks like desktop trumps mobile in local search behavior.
user search intent by the numbers:

64 percent of “On The Go” searches use GPS

37 percent of users compare two brands

33 percent are looking for business hours of operation

58 percent use a laptop or desktop device for their search

36 percent decide based on lowest price possible

Time Spent

When did people start searching for local information?



Why did people research local businesses?



How urgently did people need local information?


Number of Brands

How many local businesses did people consider before making a choice?


Location of Search

Where did people look for local information?


Proximity of Search

How close to the business were people while looking for local information?


Type of Information Needed

What type of local information did people look for?



Online and Offline Research

What online or offline research did people do to find local businesses?


Offline Sources

What offline sources did people use to find local information?


Online Sources

What online sources did people use to find local information?


Maps/ GPS Usage

Did people use mapping services or GPS to find local businesses?


Devices Used

Which devices did people use to find local information?


Device Combinations Used

What combinations of devices did people use to find local information?


Decision Making Factors

What were the deciding factors in choosing a local business?


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