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The Ultimate Enterprise-Level Digital Marketing Ops Team


To compete and win in today’s digital-first marketplace, one needs to fire all cylinders all the time. They must be in all the content and decision stops along the customer journey. An end-to-end digital team empowers companies to capture and influence buyers no matter where they are researching online.

See Overdrive Interactive CEO Harry J. Gold chart out the ultimate enterprise-level digital marketing ops team, showing the essential skills and roles organizations need to thrive in today’s digital-first economy.​

Video Transcript 

“I’m going to show you a typical team that we would toggle together from our ranks to help serve an enterprise client to stand up and maintain and optimize a complete customer journey.

Typically, you have your strategy and planning layer and your project management layer. You need a strategist and project manager, or if it’s the agency side, an account director and an account coordinator. 

And then, of course, there’s the layer of creative and development. The people who actually make things. The people who are developing websites and landing pages, and banners, and writing copy and designing things. So, your whole production layer.

And then, you have your teams of people that need to manage your media. They could be in-house, or they could be in an agency, but basically, people who understand how to work with displayand LinkedInandprogrammaticadvertising. You have your paid search marketingteam. This layer of people you need to manage your media. 

Then, of course, is earned media. So, the people managing your social, people managing your SEO.

And then, finally, there’s your MarTech. Everyone has to have either an in-house or outsourced MarTechprovider who can help them with Marketo and Salesforce, Pardot or HubSpot, or whatever CRM you’re using. 

This is really what a bolt-on marketing team looks like. For us, we put together these bolt-on teams because no company has everyone in place that they need to manage their MarTech team or their digital marketing team. So, we’re able to really complement resident skill sets and bring everything together under one team umbrella.”


Overdrive puts the skills and services you need to succeed under one roof, dedicated to one thing – maximizing your digital marketing ROI.  Our end-to-end digital teams empower companies to capture and influence buyers no matter where they are researching online. Click to schedule a consultation.

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