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The Viral Power of Facebook

With Earth Day approaching quickly on our calendars, how are you planning on celebrating the wonder and beauty of our planet?  Greenpeace has  created an interactive and provocative viral campaign on Facebook to stop the social networking site from using coal to power its data centers. Earth Day Facebook go Green Campagin

Last month, Greenpeace created a Facebook Fan page titled, “Unfriend Coal” that drew in over 143,000 fans. Today, in a status update, Greenpeace asked fans to comment and share their ‘support renewable energy’ post.  The organization hopes that with Facebook they can spread the word regarding their campaign, as well as beat the record for comments on a single post within a given time period.

Originally, Greenpeace intended to try to reach 50,000 comments in 24 hours.  However, after exceedingly receiving over 60,000 comments in less than 8 hours (breaking the World Record!), Greenpeace has upped their goal to 100,000 comments.  Beyond simply reaching English speaking Facebook users, the update has also been translated into Italian, Spanish and other languages to allow the campaign to spread even more exponentially.

Earth Day Facebook Viral campaign

Outside of the viral campaign, Greenpeace will be displaying everyone’s comments today directly outside of Facebook’s headquarters in California.  With their efforts, Greenpeace International hopes to convince Facebook to switch to renewable energy by Earth Day this year, April 22th.

From this campaign, it’s clear that for a great cause Facebook has the power to reach thousands in just minutes.

Leave your comment urging Facebook to go green today!

Earth Day Facebook Viral Campaign

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