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What’s Your Social Score?

There’s a new number in your life, and you want it to be big. It’s your Klout score and its entirely based on your social influence. So what does this mean? Well for starters…its part of your identity.

Your social score is now going to be based on data pulled from your different social channel accounts. So the more you interact with social media the higher your score. Over the past week already, specific offers have been given to those with high Klout scores. This competitive score rating can only grow from here.

This could become viral within the next few months, especially from a business point of view. With the ability to pull data and rate an individual on their social score, it may be more important than that person’s actual resume. Not only is it available to anyone at the touch of a button, but it reflects just how influential and in sync you are with the social world.

The best thing to do is take control of your number now. Even if this hasn’t officially been revealed to you, it will be. So make sure you’re ahead of the social game by getting involved in any way that you can. Get a jumpstart on the rest of the social world and leverage your Klout score to its fullest potential. In the future, we will all look back and wish we did this sooner.

Consider this your opportunity for some personal SEO and get yourself the highest rating you can. If you build this up now, you don’t have to play catch up later – and you’ll be ready to answer this (soon) important question: “What’s your social score?”

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