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Would Twitter Brand Pages Disturb the Flow of Twitter?

Recent reports show details that Twitter is currently working on developing a new kind of profile page for business accounts.  Comparable to Facebook Pages, sources suggest that Twitter business pages will provide an expanded space beyond the 140-character limit for businesses to communicate their brands.  As it stands now, brands on Facebook are allowed only the standard 160 character ‘Bio’, a link for a website and a location.  A business page would potentially allow for a lot more space for businesses to market themselves.

A questioning Twitter Bird

Although  expanded space would be beneficial for the brands, this new format also threatens the easy free flowing layout that Twitter permits.   Many would assume that Twitter Business Pages would be the smart and natural progression for the site.  It would allow them to offer businesses more space, thus potentially increasing Twitter’s ad revenue.

What do you think brand pages will look like?  How big will they be? Are brand pages really necessary?  Do you think Twitter should simply continue to provide a space for a link to a brand? If these new business pages are administered, it could have the power to change the social network.  Whether brand pages will disturb the Twitter flow or open up an influential arena for brands to market, is yet to be seen.  We will have to wait to see what news Twitter releases next.

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