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Why Social SEO is the Secret Ingredient


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Does Social Media impact your SEO? Lets explore how Social SEO can be leveraged!

Ok, lets get this over with -> Although Googles Matt Cutts has previously stated that social signals from Facebook and Twitter  are not part of the Google organic search ranking algorithm, Bings Duane Forrester and their Webmaster Guidelines say social media is a ranking signal for Bing.

With the renewed Twitter/Google relationship who’s to say what Googles Algo’s are actually currently incorporating for social search signals, however we still recommend providing valuable content that is worthy of engagement. liking, sharing, commenting etc…

Is the “Like” the new “Link”?

like is replacing link

Search engines utilizing social platform signals in ranking algorithms should be looking at

  • Keywords
  • Links
  • Hashtags
  • User influence/authority
  • Click through (CTR)

Social platforms are an opportunity to utilize the intrinsic link juice provided by the platform back to your website.

Authority building opportunity through users sharing and re-posting content on their streams.

Provides an additional opportunity to generate leads and sales.

Profile optimization to target on core keywords

Branded background images fused with links to your website, robust profile descriptions using core target keywords for your products and services, and all profile fields filled in is key to optimizing your social profiles for additional SEO goodness.

social profile optimization

Content optimization

Know your company core target keyword terms and use them when applicable. That’s all there really is to it. At Overdrive, we infuse our #social content with #SEO keywords.

Social Content

  • Tips/Best Practices
  • Data/Research
  • News/Announcements
  • Offers/Promotions
  • Products/Features
  • Tweets/Updates/Posts
  • Photos/Videos
  • PDFs/Presentations

Social Integration

Content deployment infused with social integration makes the “Like” a clickable call-to-action on your digital properties.

Social Shares


SEO is peanut butter wrapped in Social Media chocolate, two great opportunities wrapped in one awesome bite.

Social SEO


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