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Boomers Ready for Digital Convergence

According to a report, Boomer Demographics and Media Usage,” baby boomers are adaptable to new technologies and ready for digital convergence in their homes. Though boomers are aging, they dominate the US population online, making up 36% of the online population and one-third of Web traffic on an average day.

The number of boomers who are actually using the Internet is increasing. For example, 77% of boomers surveyed in September 2009 recalled using the Internet at some point in their lives, compared to 71% in November 2008.

Lisa E. Phillips, a senior analyst for eMarketer, notes how baby boomers eagerly adopted new technologies of their generation and are now carrying that adaptability to this current day. Fifty-nine percent of boomers are willing to connect their TVs to a PC, compared to only 40% in 2006.

Source: eMarketer; January 20, 2010

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