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Crafting the Customer Journey with CEO Harry Gold

Overdrive Interactive was a proud sponsor of the December 2018 Marketing  Technology Summit. Overdrive CEO Harry Gold’s session, “Crafting the Customer Journey,” was a crowd favorite and taught attendees the power of continuing to ask “And Then What?” in their sales and marketing plan execution.

To gain these insights for yourself, download the complete presentation here.

Session Description:

Today, in order to be a great marketer, one must truly be able to visualize an end-to-end customer journey and experience – and then you need make it happen! You need to understand how media, marketing stack components and action-oriented creative of modern marketing fit together. This session will help you to instantly do just that! In this session you will learn to:

  • Plot out a customer journey and its marketing tech stack components
  • Optimize those components for performance and ROI
  • Strike emotional chords so prospects pay attention
  • Focus creative on conversion and engagement so prospects take action
  • React to prospects’ behavior and data with telemarketing, marketing automation and personalization
  • Measure what works and doesn’t work

About the event:

To be a great marketer today you need to understand the technologies that are behind your marketing programs. You have to become a MARKETING ENGINEER! To become a marketing engineer you need to have your head around not just creative and marketing best practices – you need to know about the actual platforms and technologies that power your programs and success. You need to be conversant in CRM, marketing automation, mobile, analytics, and other technologies that power your programs and drive ROI!

The New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA) hosts a day of cutting edge marketing technology education allowing attendees to start to become Marketing Engineers. This informative event features speakers and luminaries who present the latest and greatest technologies being used by marketers of all stripes.

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