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Digital Marketing Agency Overdrive Interactive Wins Big At 2017 IAC Awards

We’re pleased and proud to announce that Overdrive Interactive has won five awards at the 2017 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC)! Overdrive Interactive, a Boston digital marketing agency, won the following awards:

  • Virtusa – Outstanding Website
  • SAGA Innovations – Best Education Website
  • Cynosure – Best Medical Equipment Website
  • Navisite – Best Computer Software Website
  • Fisher College – Best Education Online Campaign

The winning work highlights our commitment to being a progressive thought leader in digital marketing, and more specifically our guarantee of great design along with a full suite of marketing tools and strategies. Not only does our work produce great results, it’s clear from a jury of peers that it stands out above the rest.

Check out our winning work below:


Virtusa was building new digital capabilities on the front-end – primarily enhancing the experience around clients’ products/services and creating better user experiences across their clients’ digital entities. The existing Virtusa website was not supporting these efforts and so we built a stand-alone “Virtusa/Polaris Digital” site to convey these capabilities.

In the end, the site better communicated Virtusa’s digital capabilities to the market – primarily in support of existing sales efforts, but eventually evolving into lead gen over time.


Saga Innovations

Overdrive’s work for Saga included developing a new over-arching brand position, look and feel, which in turn led us to tactical messaging that was leveraged for SAGA’s application drive period.  We then flooded the digital space for our target candidates via hyper-targeted digital media to a newly designed website that supported the revised brand platform as well as conversion opportunities for potential program applicants.



We designed the Find a Doctor Microsite for Cynosure’s SculpSure device to help direct consumers to the SculpSure provider nearest to them. In addition to helping consumers find providers and tracking a variety of user actions, this page allows us to run a scalable and more efficient paid search program. As a result, we’ve seen big boosts in page traffic and click through rates!


The goal of this campaign was to engage technical and IT influencers with a high value and relevant offer in order to generate high quality leads. As such, this was not just about getting names and contact info, but putting forth a highly relevant offer so when a user converts they have an active interest in speaking with a Navisite Sales Team member. Thus, the core offer of the campaign was an offer promoting Free Office 365 Email Migration vs. something like a white paper.

To date, this campaign has proven to be highly successful, as over 41% of all leads generated have converted into sales marketing opportunities, which showcases that the campaign is doing exactly what it was intended to do.

Fisher College

Our goal with this campaign was to engage prospective MBA students to explore and request more information about Fisher College’s MBA program. In doing this we designed an interactive landing page experience that actively showcased key program elements all within a very conversion focused and lead gen centric environment. Special care was taken to ensure that the lead gen form was consistently presented on each page of the environment we created so that the user could readily convert at any point in time. We also took special care in selecting an “aspirational” header image that showcased professionals, with the idea of showing users what you will achieve. Finally, we selected the Call To Action of Take the Next Step, as we wanted users to think of the action as more than just a form to complete, but the next step they are taking in their professional journey.

The IAC Awards highlights the best in online advertising and marketing, including online ad, video, mobile, newsletter, email, and social media. The IAC Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association (WMA) to recognize distinguished online advertising across all mediums. For more information on the IAC and the WMA, please visit: http://www.iacaward.org

We take enormous pride in our work at Overdrive Interactive and are humbled to receive such prestigious awards from the IAC. Learn more about our full suite of digital marketing services.

To those at Overdrive who had a direct hand in creating and managing these projects, a very special thank you and congratulations!

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