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Facebook and Twitter Work Together With Browser Extension

If you have been wondering when the two biggest names in social media would join forces – wait no more.  With the development of a new browser extension, Facebook and Twitter now have the ability to work together. This new browser plug-in has recently been developed to allow users to “Like” tweets right from Twitter.

Right next to the “Retweet”, “Favorite” and “Reply To” buttons, this new “Like” option will appear when users hover over the tweet itself. All users have to do is download the extension and this option will be available. These “Liked” tweets will also be posted to users’ Facebook pages to share favorite tweets with their entire social graph.

It also seems that this is only the beginning of the integration between the two; discussion of a “post to Facebook” checkbox as well as profile picture synchronization has been revealed. This Twitter integration with Facebook presents the inevitable bond between the two that increases traffic, social engagement and user interaction with even more ease.

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