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Facebook Plug-ins Become More Personal with New Send Button

Facebook is celebrating their recent one-year launch of the Like button with a new social plug-in to follow in its footsteps: the Send button. The Send button will stay true to the sharing nature of the Like button, but allows the sharing to take place only among certain selected friends or groups.

The Send button allows users to find something share-worthy, but pick and choose who they want to see it. Users have the option of sending links to Facebook friends, a Facebook group, or email to an individual. Users also have the option of personalizing the link with a short message when sending. This new plug-in will allow sharing to become more personalized and direct, rather than sharing a Like with your whole Facebook community.

The Send button will give website visitors the option of using the Like button to communicate an interest to everybody in their Facebook community, but also the ability to share interesting finds privately among select friends and family.  For website owners, the Send button will have real-time metrics to accompany it so owners can track the impressions, messages, and clicks to your site.

The evolution of the Like button into the newly launched Send button is proof that social media is constantly changing to become more personal for users everyday.  The personalization allows for users to pick and choose the ways they utilize social media, rather than having social media dictate their choices.

Will you integrate the Send button into your website? Leave us a comment!

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