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Facebook Profiles Get a Facelift With Timeline

At Facebook’s f8 conference this afternoon, the company announced some much anticipated changes to the social network. As discussed by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, everything begins with the profile; with that, Zuckerberg unveiled Timeline: a complete redesign of the Facebook Profile.

Timeline has been described as ‘the entire story of a user’s life’. With the ability to resurface all past content within Facebook, it essentially creates a scrapbook for every profile. In addition to Facebook resurfacing this past content, adding in photos and content with the “Way Back” section of Timeline is just as easy for users to do.

(photo credit: Mashable)

Giving users the ability to further express who there are and what they enjoy is at the core of Timeline. Additional features include a map to share where a user has been, and the ability to upload a larger-scale image at the very top of the profile page to display a more visual concept of that user.

What it appears to be, is one central location for users to share all of their content with their entire social graph. The ease of scrolling through years of content, and the ability to browse through these images and milestones, makes for a very strong argument against the use of blogs.

“The personal blog is dead,” says Overdrive Interactive’s Director of Social Media, Ja-Nae Duane.

With this new redesign of Facebook Profiles, users have the ability to feature all of their photos, content and information right on this one platform – and in a way that uniquely expresses who they are. There no longer appears to be a need for an external source to host this information.

Timeline is expected to be rolled out to all users within the next few weeks, and from the information announced at today’s f8 conference, the new version of the Facebook Profile will make it even easier for users to express themselves, while discovering even more about who their friends are.

What do you think about Timeline? Share your comments with us below.

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