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New Facebook Insights: Learn What Your Fans Want

Facebook Insights are foreign to and do not apply to most people on Facebook, but if you’re a Page Administrator, the new updates to Facebook Insights are worth investigating and utilizing. Facebook Insights provide analytics into engagement, demographics and more surrounding people that like your Page. The updated Insights include a range of charts and metrics that make the information easy to interpret in a new layout. Overall, the new Insights focus on how users interact with Pages and the overall reach of content.

One of the main changes is, “People Talking About This” which highlights the number of unique people who have created content about your Page. Examples include wall posts posted to your Page, comments, likes, tagging, etc. “Total Likes” are the number of people who have liked your Page and “Friends of Fans” represent the potential reach of friends of people who have “liked” your Page. “Weekly Total Reach” is the number of people who have seen your content regarding your Page, including ads or sponsored stories to your Page.

Virality is another new feature to Insights. Facebook describes Virality as the percentage of how likely someone will share something about your posts with their friends. Virality is an indicator of the kind of posts your audience responds to.

Under the “Talking About This” tab is the demographic breakdown of “Who Is Talking About Your Page” as well as “How People Are Talking About Your Page.” By hovering over the dots on the graph you are able to see the amount of people that “talk about” your Page on specific dates. The “All Stories” drop-down shows further stories and options to highlight. The “Viral Reach” graph shows the amount of unique people who saw a story that a friend of theirs shared who likes your Page. In other words, how many friends of friends see your posts on your Page.

Observing your Facebook Insights and examining the analytics can help you to make more strategic decisions when posting content. Engagement is a large factor in social media and by understanding who your audience is and what they respond best to will help you to create posts that are relevant to your fans.

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