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Facebook’s New News Feed Increases User Engagement

The recent changes to Facebook’s news feed continue to receive some mixed reviews from users and brands alike. However, new studies suggest that the hybrid news feed is actually increasing engagement. Just one week after these changes were implemented, Facebook Pages have seen an 18 percent increase in Likes.

At first, these changes appeared to have a negative affect on brand Pages, since impressions initially decreased after the revamp of the news feed. While this finding is correct, engagement levels have increased by at least 35 percent. So, although Pages may not be able to reach a larger range of users, their content will be better targeted to those users who would find it relevant and be more likely to interact with that post.

User engagement continues to be a pain-point for brand Pages, since identifying the correct messaging and posting times to encourage users to interact often becomes difficult. With the hybrid news feed, users are beginning to understand that they can control what kind of information they receive on Facebook, making the content more personalized to them – ultimately increasing their opportunity to interact with that post.

So what can brands do? Focus less on reaching a larger audience, and more on engaging content. The foundation of social media is the ease of communication, and the power of user engagement. So while brands’ Facebook posts may not appear as often within the news feed, their content will now be better targeted to users and increase their overall engagement within this platform.

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