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Following the Boston Marathon via Twitter

If you’re looking to connect with the Boston Marathon online, one thing that’s for sure is that there is no shortage of options. If you go and search “Boston Marathon” via Google, you’ll be faced with over 1,480,000 options to choose from between web sites, blogs and more, all dedicated to or containing topical information on the race. With so much to choose from, one medium I always find very interesting and useful is Twitter.

The reason being is that Twitter is about quick, short and easy to digest bits of information, that enable you to feel almost a personal connection with those who are authoring the tweets. While websites and blogs are great sources of in-depth information, Twitter is a great way to quickly get information and insight into the race on a more “personal” level. Twitter is also a great way to connect with other passionate runners, and see what they are into via the people they “follow” and who’s into them via their “followers”.

With this being said, I have scoured Twitter and the following are some interesting Boston Marathon related profiles that I have uncovered and wanted to share. It’s a mix of profiles from the media, sponsors, race enthusiasts and some of the elites. Definitely take a look and if you are inclined to do so, follow some or all of them, as you’ll be fed a steady diet of insightful and interesting race related content that will keep you informed and entertained in the days leading up to and well after race day.

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