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Google AdWords to Rollout Custom Affinity Audiences

Since last year, AdWords advertisers have been able to target Display Network ads to affinity audiences – consumer groups who have demonstrated an interest in a particular topic. But by end of Q4 this year, advertisers will gain even more control over ad targeting via new custom affinity.

Presently, advertisers can use affinity audience targeting to serve ads to specific consumer groups at scale. This type of targeting is valuable given its ability to greatly simplify and accelerate the media planning process. Specifically, instead of requiring media specialists to ferret out lists of several hundred placements to target a specific persona, advertisers can simply choose between 80 types of pre-defined affinity audiences.

But now, instead of just selecting a pre-defined affinity group, advertisers will have the ability to customize these lists by combining keywords or URLs with the pre-defined affinity groups. For instance, a Basketball affinity audience coupled with the keyword “Celtics” would narrow the custom audience to only Celtics fans.

The standard Affinity Audiences offer all of the categories below:

AdWords Affinity Audiences

If you’re interested in learning more about AdWords Custom Affinity Audiences, check out the full blog post at: Inside AdWords Blog.

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