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Google Releases “Handwrite” for Mobile and Tablet Search

The mobile version of Google now allows users to search via handwriting a query directly onto a mobile web browser running on a touchscreen enabled smartphone or tablet. The feature does not require a mobile application or specific browser; most iOS and Android browsers should accept handwritten searches once the correct settings are enabled.

In order to enable the feature, users need to visit the mobile Google site (m.google.com) and edit settings to enable Handwrite:

Once enabled, users can hand write a query with a finger or stylus, and the text will be inputted into the search bar. The handwriting recognition seems to work pretty well so far- even when writing in cursive!

While this is a nice new feature, I am not sure this increases mobile productivity all that much, as many of us have become pretty adept at pecking away at the virtual keyboard over the last several years.

Google Handwrite on YouTube:

Dev Tool:

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