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How to Use LinkedIn Advertising

For those of you wondering the best ways to use LinkedIn’s self-serve ad platform, Hubspot released a great overview, covering such topics as images, targeting, campaign duration and much more. The link to the Q & A is here, and below is a quick synposis:

1. Choose a relevant image based on your ad copy, and run an A/B test with different images but the same text.

2. There is no set duration for your campaigns.

3. You can adjust targeting after your campaign is live.

4. You don’t need a membership or subscription to utilize the ad platform, just a personal LinkedIn account. Or, you could let a top digital marketing agency, like Overdrive, manage your campaign.

5. You can also test landing pages, both per campaign and per ad. This suggests you test per campaign first.

6. Landing pages should include your offer, a lead generation form, social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and product or service information. Be sure to keep your landing page to a single offer as our testing has shown that landing pages with multiple offers do not perform as well as landing pages with one offer.

7. There is no suggested budget.

8. CPC stands for Cost per Click and CPM stands for Cost per Thousand. CPC is good for lead gen while CPM is better for branding.

9. CTR is available through LinkedIn’s ad interface. Tracking form completes is also vital as CTR only tells part of the story.

Obviously it’s always better to launch any digital campaign correctly to get the proper data for optimization and future learnings, and in the case of advertising on LinkedIn, particularly the steps involving proper images and landing pages, are a great start.

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