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Is the Next Move for Google Your Phone Carrier?

With 2010 announcing the dethroning of Google’s title as “King of the Web”, they must have some plans to pull through, right? It seems their next big step could be tackling the cell phone space. Many believe they have exactly what it takes to build a cell phone service – all they have to do is launch it.

Google’s first advantage to this success is the Android. While they already support this operating system, it seems to be the obvious option for them to begin with. So many users have already grown accustomed to features and abilities of the Android, that it wouldn’t seem too difficult to gain control over the service.

Additionally, Google already has its Google Voice services which currently provides phone calls and is ready-to-use. This service has rapidly become popular between roughly a million users, suggesting its continued success through Google’s own phone service if this were to be released.

Although the process of establishing itself as a phone carrier may be tedious and would require a lot of work on Google’s part, the stepping stones are there and ready to be used. Many believe they are already considering this next triumph and say it is only a matter of time.

While 2010 announced Google had been “dethroned”, don’t expect the big-wig of the web to sit back and be walked all over. In fact, with an opportunity to take on a previously uncharted territory by its competitors, Google could see this edge as the way to regain its title.

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