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It’s Real Time for Facebook Insights

Any page administrators will notice a slight, but important change in their pages. Facebook has now rolled out with the ability for insights to be shown in real time; something that had previously been unavailable. These important statistics would take some time to appear, until today.

Having these statistics appear immediately is a huge improvement, because until now administrators had to rely on third-party tools to measure these insights until they appeared under the wall posts later. With this new advancement, the insights keep up with the constant changes going on without having to click off of Facebook to receive these statistics.

Now having these insights available in real time may shift the focus from third-party management tools, since administrators can now see statistics for themselves. However, when optimizing a Facebook fan base the real time component does not factor in, so utilizing these analytics may remain as topical research.

Facebook has seen a few glitches with this new feature, as some users are receiving a bug that splits these insights into two. Any further issues with this interface are said to be taken with caution.

As Facebook insights dive into the world of real time communication within the internet, page administrators have the opportunity to see for themselves the true successes of their pages. It’s another step forward for Facebook as the online world continues to thrive and grow.

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