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Latest Social Media Updates

This was a somewhat quiet week for social media updates . Here’s a brief recap:

Facebook Announces New Features for Slideshow AdsAugust 23, 2016

Slideshow is a simple, cost-effective tool that advertisers can use to quickly convert a set of photos or an existing video into a lightweight video. The tool was originally created so advertisers in slow-connection areas could create video-like ads that would load faster, but now, Slideshow has become a great asset for large and small businesses, according to Facebook.

The new Slideshow features include:

  • The ability to create slideshows on-the-go on a mobile device.
  • The option to add text and music using Facebook’s templates – Facebook says users will soon be able to upload their own music.
  • Advertisers can choose from images in Facebook’s stock image database or their Page’s photo library.
  • Videos can easily be turned into slideshows and advertisers can use 2G targeting to reach users on low-bandwidth connections.
  • The ability to upload up to 10 photos, when before, the maximum number of photos was seven.

Facebook wants to improve its on-the-go features since a large number of advertisers manage their Facebook Pages on mobile:

“Of Facebook’s more than 3 million advertisers, 40% have built ads on mobile devices, the company said. Also, 85% of marketers are using mobile devices to manage their Facebook business pages.” – Adage.

Twitter’s Offers New Direct Message Button – August 24, 2016

Brands can place this Direct Message button anywhere on their website and it will take users to a Direct Message pop-up in Twitter. Other existing Twitter buttons you can add to your website include the share button, follow button, mention button, and hashtag button.

You Can Now Use Emoji in Your Twitter Name and BioAugust 22, 2016

Let us know if you enjoyed these updates and please share any other must-know updates with us in our social platforms.


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