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Latest Social Media Updates

Here’s a recap of some of the latest key social media updates:

Facebook Updates Its Messenger PlatformSeptember 12, 2016

Facebook updated its Messenger platform to help businesses get discovered and streamline e-commerce operations:

  1. Brands can select Messenger as the destination for News Feed ads.  With this option, they can use any call-to-action and lead users to a new messenger thread.
  2.  Developers can bring more UI elements to Messenger threads.
  3.  Businesses can sell products and services, and customers can complete purchases without leaving the app.
  4. There’s a new “share” button. Customers can easily share part of their Messenger conversations with others.

Facebook Offers New Tools and Resources To Help Businesses Grow Internationally – September 8, 2016

Brands can now target ads to broader, global audiences. They have more access to international opportunities, which are on the rise: ” by 2018 there will be an estimated 2.3 billion people using the Internet on their mobile phones” (Source: Facebook).  The new features are an addition to the Lookalike Audiences tool and extended location targeting capabilities.

  1. A new feature in the Lookalike Audiences tool- businesses can reach customers in new countries who are similar to their existing customers.
  2. Extended location targeting capabilities- this feature is only available to businesses with website conversion or mobile app install objectives. Those businesses can select a worldwide region or trade zone for location targeting, and Facebook will then optimize the ad delivery to the countries with the greatest return.

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LinkedIn Adds Conversion Tracking… With A Twist – September 8, 2016

LinkedIn is rolling out conversion tracking for its Sponsored Content and Text ads. Advertisers will be able to track and measure the actions their audience took after viewing the LinkedIn ad. Other platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Pinterest already offer conversion tracking.  But LinkedIn’s tracking comes with a special twist. It will cross-reference converters with its own audience data, allowing brands to learn how different audience segments react to their ads.

“Through LinkedIn’s conversion tracking — which can track the people who clicked on an ad as well as those who were simply served it but didn’t click on it — an advertiser can see that, say, C-level execs aren’t clicking on its ads nearly as often as middle-manager types, but that those C-level execs still end up on the advertiser’s site after seeing the ads and do something like download a white-paper.”

(Source: Marketing Land)

Facebook Makes It Easier To Crosspost Videos – September 8, 2016

Facebook is making it easier for pages with different owners to use the same video and get aggregated video metrics. This will eliminate the need for those pages to re-upload or send each other videos. The pages involved will have to establish a publisher and crossposter relationship, where the publisher still maintains main control of the original video. For instance, if the publisher deletes the original video, the crossposter also loses access to it.

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Facebook Started Supporting Vertical Video On MobileSeptember 2, 2016

Facebook is supporting vertical videos, a view that Snapchat popularized. It presumably has better engagement rates than the traditional square view.

Instagram Adds Zoom For Photos And Video August 31, 2016

Instagram users can now pinch their screens to zoom into photos and videos. Various brands have already used this feature creatively to get more engagement on their photos. If you are considering using this feature, don’t forget to explain it to your audience in the photo/video caption.

Pinterest Expands Targeting Options for BusinessesAugust 31, 2016

Pinterest’s new targeting options include engagement retargeting and a Pinterest tag for website retargeting. With engagement retargeting, businesses can retarget users who interacted with the brand’s pins in a variety of ways such as saving pins. The Pinterest tag is a code that tracks 9 events, including page visits, add to carts, and purchases.

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Let us know if you enjoyed these updates and please share any other must-know updates with us on our social platforms.

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