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High-Impact Points of Customer Journey Optimization 


Lift the performance of all the digital components powering your customer journey. Watch CEO Harry J. Gold visualize all your customer journey components and identify high-impact points of optimization.  

Video Transcript 

“As a digital marketer. Once you stand up your campaign or your customer journey, whatever you’re doing, obviously, once you go live, you want to optimize. And when you have a multifaceted customer journey with media, landing pages, and nurture campaigns, you can’t optimize the whole journey at once. So, what are you doing? You want to lay that out, and you want to look for what I call high-impact points of optimization.  

Here’s the customer journey. And this is a Tech B2B customer journey targeting Anna, the CISO (Chief Security Officer). First of all, in order to identify high-impact points of optimization, you have to map out your customer journey in chronological order. What we’re going to do is here’s Anna, the CISO leader, and we’re advertising to Anna with paid search, paid social, and display. She fills out the form; she lands on this page. And now what happens? We’re sending all these cookies so we can retarget her, we can track her, and all that good stuff. And then, she is delivered the white paper on a thank you page. She gets an auto-reply email; the contact information is pushed into the MarTech stack. And now, what are we doing? We are nurturing all on this second bracket here. We’re nurturing her with display ads, with social ads, where we’re using retargeting and custom audiences, and we finally get Anna to request the demo. And now we can look back and see her whole history, her whole lead for history, do the demo, close the deal, and then loop that back into the stack so we can see in the dashboard. This is an elongated customer journey.  

So, the first thing is you need to war room out your customer journey. You need to lay that out in chronological order. Now, when you do this, a few magical things will happen.  

  1. One, how everything integrates together, is instantly revealed.  
  2. Second, those high points of optimization will jump out at you.  

This is where you find those high points of optimization.  

  1. Maybe your ads aren’t getting high click-through rates. You can start A/B testing your ads. Maybe your landing page is getting a low conversion rate.  
  2. You can A/B test the landing page.  
  3. Maybe over here, no one’s opening the auto-reply email, or they’re not clicking on it.  
  4. Or maybe in the middle here, these ads aren’t getting high engagement.  

So basically, what you’re doing is that you are laying out your customer journey, and then you’re looking for ads and landing pages and emails where you can start A/B testing for optimization. Because the reality is that if you improve the click-through rate (CTR) of your ads, the conversion rate of your landing page and the escalation rate of your nurture emails, the net impact, the cumulative impact of those optimization tactics or tests could be huge. I mean, it’s not unusual for us to double, triple, or even quadruple the ROI of our media by optimizing the entire customer journey and identifying those high-impact points of optimization. Now, the second thing is, if you lay out your customer journey like this, you’ll probably find things that are broken, all right? So, you don’t have to test that. Just fix what’s broken.  

This is the concept of laying out your customer and then identifying your A/B testing high impact points of optimization, and, oh, yeah, fixing what’s broken.” 


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