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Most Successful Social Media Marketing Plan: Facebook or Google+?

Google has announced that they are beginning to shut down user generated Google+ brand pages as their team of engineers actively works on rolling out an official Google+ experience for businesses. How will Google+ brand pages compare to the already established Facebook business pages? As the two major online empires vie to be the leader on the web, it appears Facebook is starting to rethink their business page strategy in order to have continued success.

Earlier this week, Facebook launched a new Facebook for Business page with video and textual instructions on how to set up a profile and create Facebook ads and deals. It also suggests various built-in apps to transform a brand page into a richer platform designed with the integration of social media and mobile. This guide will ideally encourage brands to launch their page in a clear and concise manner providing step-by-step resources.

From what has been gathered, Google is looking to build out its business pages to look much different than the profile page. Google business page speculations include an employee and management listing verifying the business ownership, a “hangout” (a place for customer-to-brand interaction), “sparks” to help keep your page current with industry news, and all of Google’s current products under one roof.

Having a Google+ business page will also benefit your brand in the world of search engine marketing. Building a Google+ brand page will lead to a higher Google SERP ranking. Although it is already possible for brand profiles on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to show up in social search, it has been unusual for a brand to see a major increase in the SERPs as a result. As seen with Ford Motor Company, which is one of the few brands Google has allowed to maintain a brand page on Google+, the connection is already allowing Ford to rank better in search results.

Will having a Google+ brand profile be more valuable to a brand than a Facebook business page? What can Facebook do to continue to grow their business pages as not to get left behind?

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