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Overdrive Interactive Releases The Google Gallery – 16 Years of Search Results

From simple text results, to blended results, and, finally, the Knowledge Graph, Google has gone through a number of transformations since its 1998 inception. Overdrive Interactive has created a visual timeline of the search engine’s evolution, which we call the Google Gallery.

A PDF of the entire gallery can be downloaded here: http://www.ovrdrv.com/google-gallery, or from our Facebook Resource Library.

The gallery illustrates examples of 54 different types of Google search results, including:

  • The basic/traditional results page (1998)
  • Blended results with images (2001)
  • The “Did you mean?” feature (2001)
  • Local listings (2004)
  • Organic sitelinks (2005)
  • Google Instant (2010)
  • The Knowledge Graph, Knowledge Panel and OneBox (2012)
  • Flight times, movie listings, event schedules, math equations and more (2014)

While this presentation is a valuable tool for search marketers, it also provides a look at the evolution of Google’s search results page that the average Google user can easily digest and understand.

Download the gallery in PDF form at: https://www.ovrdrv.com/google-gallery or from our Facebook Resource Library.

Here are some visuals from the gallery:

Basic Search Result

Text-only basic search results were the original search result format, introduced in 1998.


Blended Results - Autocomplete

In 2005, autocomplete was added as a new blended results feature.


Universal search was added to the list of blended results features in 2007.

Universal search was added to the list of blended results features in 2007.


Blended Results - Voice Search

The voice search feature was added in 2008, enabling a wider audience to access the search engine.


Knowledge Graph Introduction

In May 2012, the Knowledge Graph was introduced in its original form.


Knowledge Graph Expansion

Over the past 2 years, the Knowledge Graph has been expanded to include a number of new features, such as the OneBox and the Carousel Box.

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