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SEO for Video Series: Double Your Views With These Proven YouTube SEO Tactics

Video is one of the most useful tools in your digital marketing arsenal. Among its advantages are engaging with users and driving traffic to your website. Unlike still images and pure text ads, video forces users to stop scrolling in order to understand what is being presented to them. Videos also are easier to understand, more engaging, and share a significant amount of information in a palatable manner. In terms of SEO, video content has several layers that can be linked to or embedded in your site. In turn, it increases the site’s overall equity on search engines. In fact, if you have videos embedded on your website, its 53 times more likely to show up first on Google.

After all the planning and work involved with producing a video, you want to ensure you’re getting those valuable views on your content. In this next video of the series, we’re sharing our top tips and SEO tactics to increase the number of views on your videos.



The Key Lies in the Keywords

We cannot stress this enough – our most important suggestion is to implement keywords wherever possible. Keywords are what make it possible for viewers to find your video on search engines or video sharing sites. They’re words or phrases that are likely to be searched by a user. Search engines can read those phrases and produce accurate results. If you’re not sure which keywords are best suited for your video, there are plenty of tools to help you find the most relevant ones. YouTube Suggest,, Google Trends, and Google Keyword Planner can help you choose the keywords that are consistent with what your video covers. If you already use keyword tools like SEMRush, Brightedge, or MOZ, we recommend you select the most relevant terms to include. If you want more details on other SEO websites, tools, and apps for keyword research, just take a look at our Search Marketing Map.

Here’s the Simple Part

Once you know which words to focus on, implementing them into your video content is very simple. There are four places to include them: title, description, transcript, and hashtags. After integrating keywords in these four locations your videos will be easier to find than ever.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the next installment in our SEO for Video Series – to discover more tips check out our YouTube channel. To learn more about our SEO and Video Production services visit:



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