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The Importance of Thank You Emails

We all know email is, or should be, an important vehicle in your overall marketing plan. But you may be unaware of how important the “thank you” email can be. Well, a recent article outlines why Thank You emails are, in fact, so important.

Part of the reason is that Thank You emails give the recipient the opportunity to complete an action, particularly if they’ve navigated away from your confirmation page. With a Thank You email that person can convert from the email.

The most important takeaway from the article is the data that shows Thank You emails are twice as engaging as general marketing emails:

In addition, Thank You emails should be short and sweet, include calls to action that will move leads along in the sales cycle, and add social sharing to them so recipients can forward to their networks.

All in all, a dedicated and customized Thank You email program is something that should be integrated into your email marketing program if they aren’t already. And they are great opportunities to continue the engagement by offering additional content and company assets like whitepapers, webinars and more.

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