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Twitter Offers Deeper Insight to Advertisers with New Followers Dashboard

Twitter has continued to improve its advertising suite, and with that comes the launch of its new Followers Dashboard. All businesses who invested in any of Twitter’s Promoted Products is now being offered this new feature – a measurement tool offering deeper insight on followers within the micro-blogging site.

Data based on the interests, location, engagement levels and more are all incorporated into this new module. For businesses, they can tap into their follower base and have a better understanding of these users.

Within the Followers Dashboard, advertisers have the ability to see common interests their followers share. Anything such as “social media” or “travel” can be tracked to better understand whether targeting is being done successfully, or if a lack of engagement is due to uninterested followers.

Additionally, this new dashboard provides the location of followers around the world. This feature may be useful to businesses who are targeting users in a different time zone, allowing them to see if an adjustment in scheduling tweets is necessary.

One of the most important features the Followers Dashboard has is engagement levels of users. This will provide advertisers with information based on how active followers are within Twitter, and whether their content is being retweeted or shared.

This new Followers Dashboard gives advertisers an even bigger reason to leverage the micro-blogging site for advertising purposes. With these insights on followers, businesses can more successfully target within social media. As Twitter continues to evolve as an advertising platform, it also begins to establish itself as a front-runner in the digital world.

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