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What is Conversion-Oriented Creative?


At Overdrive, when it comes to creative, we believe in one philosophy- Your creative should be driving conversions. Creative, should not only look good but also maximize your target’s need to engage.  

See Overdrive CEO Harry J. Gold explain Overdrive’s approach to conversion-oriented creative. Even the best media plans can’t succeed if your creative doesn’t encourage desired behavior. 

Video Transcript

You must have your head around creative. You must ask yourself, what do you want people to do right now? And nine times out of ten, what we’re really selling is a conversation. Now, of course, if you’re a SaaS company, you have free trials and demos and things like that. But by and large, eventually, for most large enterprise sales, you’re going to have to talk to someone. And that’s what salespeople want. They want digital marketing people and teams to sell conversations. What they want are people who have said, hey, I’m ready to talk.  

You have to do two things with your creative. One is to go with the groove. You have to really understand what people need, and what they already know because you don’t have that much time to tell a big story on a landing page. And secondly, you have to encourage action. You have to give something of value, and you have to encourage them to fill out the form or request a demo or do whatever it is want them to do.  

In this mobile-first environment, take that singular thing you want people to do, look at your creative and say, what do I want people to do right now? If it’s clicking on some sort of button or link, that’s what you’re selling on the page or in the ad. If it’s filling out a form, you have to tell them, hey, here is the value of filling out the form.  

In this case, for GE, you’re going to get plans and pricing, and that’s what you’re looking for. This landing page right here, increased conversion rates by 500% over white papers. Why? Because what people wanted was plans and pricing for EMR systems. They didn’t want to do a ton of content consumption. What they wanted was they wanted to know who’s the provider, how much it costs. So, in this case, we tested Get per and pricing, and it did very well. The other thing it did is it created quality leads. Why? Because people were giving us real information to get the quote. Because they were expecting to hear back from us.”


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