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YouTube’s New Social Sharing Mechanism

The power of social sharing just got bigger. And in this case, easier.

Last week, YouTube launched its new Auto-Share Your Uploads feature. According to YouTube account executive Ryan Stonehouse, “users can now easily send their YouTube uploads to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Reader. Once you link your accounts together, all of your uploads (whether they’re uploaded on the web, via a phone, via the API, etc) are automatically posted as tweets, Facebook stories, or Reader shared items.”

With a single log-in, users can automatically share their YouTube videos with two of the most popular social media sites, Facebook and Twitter:
YouTube is just the latest site to integrate with Facebook Connect. This makes social sharing infinitely easier (and less manual and time-consuming) for Facebook users. According to the Facebook Developer Blog, as more sites and applications implement Facebook Connect, the power of the social graph is extending across the Web, to the iPhone, gaming consoles, and TV, changing the way we view gaming, videos, concerts, and even church. Many of these sites are benefiting from increased distribution and engagement, as they enhance the user experience by making it easy to share and connect with real world friends.

And as for Twitter? No need anymore to manually feed video-related tweets to individual Twitter accounts (since admit it, most video uploads are from YouTube anyway; it’s not the most popular video site for nothing). As MarketingVOX recently pointed out, YouTube users can directly syndicate recently-uploaded videos across social networks (or at least for now, across two of the biggest ones).

This new social sharing mechanism benefits the users and makes the social web one smooth, easy, integrated piece. Consumers and businesses can now easily automate video-seeding across social networks, and this equates to having the ability to disseminate information (aka new videos) more quickly. All with one click of a button. Not only is that easy, it’s great.

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