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Purpose Driven Creative

In their marketing messages and materials, companies too often make a classic mistake: they talk too much about themselves. Instead of focusing on the real purpose of the creative – to influence the buyer’s purchasing behavior – they focus on the functional aspects of their offerings.

At Overdrive, we know that good creative isn’t just the practice of building clever banners or landing pages, email templates or interactive websites and applications; it’s about helping our clients develop brands that foster everlasting relationships with the desired audiences.

Our creative approach brings together what is desirable from a familiar, human perspective. It incorporates engaging, useful, and memorable experiences. And, it features methods and applications that are technologically feasible and economically viable for our clients.

Creative that Convinces

We capitalize on the best that digital marketing has to offer: the impulse to click. Through careful research and testing we determine the proper visuals, offers, and calls to action that will encourage buyers to act NOW.

The result is a high-performing suite of creative elements that work together to help foster an emotional connection between the target audience and the client’s offerings. It gets people to change their behavior and make a company’s offerings a bigger part of their personal or professional lives.

Our creative combines visual, verbal and tonal elements that meet four key criteria:

  • Genuine – The best messaging is rooted in the fundamental truths about your brand and products. It prevents over promising and under delivering.
  • Relevant – Your messaging should answer the first two important questions that prospects will ask about your advertising and the products you are selling: ‘Why should I care and what is in it for me?’
  • Compelling – Many ads and marketing components are lost in the clutter because they are too “safe” to be noticed. It’s essential that all communications are crafted to tactfully bold; to feature a specific and interesting call to action; and, to demonstrably capture the attention of your audience.
  • Consistent – The only way to move something heavy – such as brand perceptions or preferences – is to apply consistent force over time in the same direction. Every message about your company should reinforce everything that came before it – and be sustainable throughout the future.

To find out more about our creative approach and how we apply it to our clients’ digital marketing efforts, click here or call 617-254-5000 to schedule a capabilities presentation.

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