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“10 Ways Social Media is New and Different” – Recap

Social Media trends are ever-changing. And in order to keep up with what’s new in the digital world, it is important to look towards the social media experts for advice. A great opportunity arose on Wednesday June 22nd, 2017 where social media enthusiasts Bob Cargill and Ashley Perssico presented their most recent findings behind some social media updates. The presentation was held in Morison Hall at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts for a dozen audience members looking to enhance their knowledge in the social media game.

Bob Cargill (@cargillcreative), Director of Social Media at Overdrive, spoke about his top five updates in the recent social media news regarding Facebook, Twitter, Vine and much more. He was followed by Ashley Perssico (@AshleyPerssico), Social Media and Website Communication Manager at the 15-40 Connection, who’s top five updates featured Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This informative presentation was put on by the New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA), whose mission is to provide its members and the community with opportunities to learn about the direct marketing field. For more information about other NEDMA events, visit their events page.

Below are some highlights from the presentation by Bob Cargill and Ashley Perssico:


  • If you weren’t able to attend the presentation, no worries! A volunteer was there to Facebook Live it all
  • Bob Cargill introduced the new Facebook Live which allows all Facebook users to watch and record real-time from their cellular device


  • We have gone from Kodak Moments to Twitter Moments
    • This is how you capture the news and daily hubbub around the world
  • New GIF search feature
    • Resulted in a friendly argument on how to pronounce “GIF”
  • Ashley Perssico chatted about the new TweetChat which allows users to participate in real-time hashtag conversations



  • Bob Cargill showed the audience how to post new 60 second videos to show personality and corporate culture
  • Ashley Perssico spoke about Instagram’s new selling platform which features a “buy” button for ease-of-use



  • Bob Cargill created a stop motion video allowing audience members to interact and state their name



  • Ashley Perssico shared her secrets about Snapchat and how other brands are using its features for coupon codes, contests, behind-the-scenes content, and event promotions

Social Media continues to amaze all digital audiences. With consistent updates and new platform generation, it can be hard to keep up and stay active. However, it is great to know we have intelligent thought-leaders such as Bob Cargill and Ashley Perssico to guide us along the way.


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