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Bow and Drape – Customized women’s dresses funded by Kickstarter

Lots of Kickstarter campaigns are for the latest and greatest techno gadget but here’s one with a very retro focus.  What if you could get the same custom fit for dresses and skirts that is provided by custom dressmakers?  That’s the premise of Bow and Drape a Boston start-up recently launched.

Once users register on the website and provide a few key measurements they choose from several silhouettes named after fashion icons of past (“Jackie Twirl” for Jacqueline Onassis, “Diane” for Diane von Furstenberg) and then begin choosing material and finishing details for their custom tailored dress.  The information is transmitted to one of Bow and Drape’s shops (Boston and Bedford, MA and New York City) where their tailors assemble the garment.  It is then shipped directly to the consumer.

Too shy to give your measurements online?  Bow and Drape will send you a “fit kit” that allows you to choose materials and use their muslin patterns to determine size and fit.

This start-up is following in the footsteps of such clothing giants as Burberry by inviting their customers into the design process.

Will they be successful?  Hard to tell given the cost-conscious “I never pay retail prices” mindset for many shoppers.  But the online store is certainly one to keep an eye on – they’ll be adding bridal gowns to their offerings in the Spring.

Here’s a link to an overview video with the site’s founder, Aubrie Pagano.

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