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How SEOs Use Google Differently

The majority of us don’t click on Google Ads because we understand how much they cost-per-click

We know the word variations that will give us a quick answer (e.g., how, what, who)

We know “video keywords” and how to optimize for them.

google video result

We know the difference between navigational, transactional, and informational searches.

We know what keywords will give us local map results


We use Google’s Advanced Operators to filter through crowded listings (e.g., site:ovrdrv.com filetype:pdf intext:seo)

We use all of Google’s Search Features (e.g., News, Videos, Images, Books, Shopping)

We know all the Google-Owned Products and Research Projects (e.g., Google Books Ngram Viewer)

google n gram

We understand which sites are legitimate (e.g., Unsecure HTTP websites)


We understand the content on the page using the URL and meta data in the Google search results

We can scan the results faster than most people–we average a hundred Google searches per day


Amazon SEO FAQs

Amazon Platform Management Overdrives Amazon Platform Management strategies include product feeds, paid media (Amazon PPC), and earned media (Amazon SEO). The main tasks for Amazon marketing services are to implement strategies for listing content, product keyword optimization, images, and videos….

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