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Lead Gen Metrics Timeline by Overdrive Interactive

Success in digital marketing today means understanding what the critical metrics are for successful lead generation programs. That’s why we created the Lead Gen Metrics Timeline. Our new infographic follows the chronological journey from Spend to MROI and Optimization, providing specific numeric examples for each metric. Get the new Lead Gen Metrics Timeline and understand what metrics really matter for lead generation.

Lead Gen Metrics Timeline

The Lead Generation
Metrics That Matter

“Marketers constantly strive to close the loop on analytics. For most lead gen programs, these are the metrics that will do just that.” Harry J. Gold, CEO – Overdrive Interactive.

Notable features of the Lead Gen Metrics Timeline include:

  • 14 critical lead gen metrics in chronological order from Spend to ROI.
  • Metrics groupings including Media, Conversion, CRM, and ROI.
  • Specific numeric examples of each metric, including Spend, CPM, CPC, CPL, and more!

Bloggers, we love when you share our content on your site! Feel free to grab the timeline and use it, just please remember to link back to us. The Lead Gen Metrics Timeline is now available for download at https://www.ovrdrv.com/lead-gen-metrics-timeline

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