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Overdrive Releases the 2022 Search Marketing Map

Search marketing is fundamental to increasing a brand’s online presence, whether paid ads or keyword-saturated action pages, allowing companies to achieve the coveted front page of search engines. However, the search marketing sphere is constantly evolving and algorithms updating, leaving marketers vulnerable. So, we’ve updated the Overdrive Search Marketing Map for 2022 to help marketers navigate the search marketing space to optimize success in your company.  

The 2022 Search Marketing Map features over 350 live links of websites, apps, and tools, divided into 26 categories for ease of use. Access the map, available as a PDF with live links, here. 

Notable Features of This Year’s Map: 

  • Expanded keyword and content discovery tools 
  • 374 live links to help you explore the world of search 
  • 113 new connections, including SEO tools, Browser Extensions, Analytics, and Shopping  
  • And much more! 

Search Marketing Map Images for your Blog or Site 

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Below are the categories you’ll find on the map and new and top-performing resources. 


Accurate analytics is essential for marketers to benchmark and measure against their KPIs, delivering ROI for clients. FoxMetrics is a marketing analytics and personalization software for website, mobile, and first-party data. Additionally, this program captures the entire customer journey for business growth and sustains 100% of data ownership. 

App Search 

Nowadays, there are apps available for download for everything imaginable. For example, there are entertainment apps for gaming, social media, and streaming. Or home organization, family schedules, and online shopping. On Google Play, users can browse a series of apps to choose from and can even earn Google points to receive discount coupons, in-app items, or Google Play Credit.   

B2B Search 

For products or services for business, B2B search engines can assist in discovery. For instance, ZoomInfo is a leading subscription-based intelligence platform offering automation tools for sales and data tracking through each step of the customer journey.

Local SEO 

Many small businesses and franchises have to launch hyper-targeted geolocation campaigns to reach customers in the market. Luckily, some apps and websites do this quickly. Notably, Local allows users to search any city for service-based businesses, restaurants, and entertainment. Additionally, companies can claim their listing to ensure accuracy and create ad placements to reach their target audience.

Forum Search 

Forums are online spaces for people to discuss their interests, ask questions and provide responses to others’ inquiries. Medium is an open publishing platform developed for users to read, write, and connect. The site makes it easy to post your thoughts on any subject and connect with millions of users.  

Social Media Search

Social media is a pivotal part of digital marketing. These platforms are suitable places for launching campaigns and tracking emerging trends. For example, Mention allows brands and agencies to monitor the web, listen to their audience, and manage social media efforts.

Infographic Search

Infographics are a creative way to teach your audience something relative to your product or service. They often use visually appealing, eye-catching designs to grab audiences’ attention. Don’t have a creative team? No problem. Sites like can create these graphics for you.

SEO Tools

Constantly changing variables impact SEO performance annually, if not monthly. Keeping track of SEO updates is more accessible with tools like Yoast, a platform for website optimization that helps improve rank on search engines.

Image Search 

Not every business has a photographer to utilize, making it difficult to establish a content bank for your website or social media posts. Luckily, websites like Pixabay include over 2.5 million free, high-quality stock images and even features videos and music.

Keyword Tools 

Keywords are an essential part of any SEO strategy, but how do you find the right ones? Keyword Research helps you locate keywords related to your company with high rankings. Keyword Spy is another keyword tool that enables you to perform advanced keyword research and tracking to monitor competitors.


Events are a helpful way to learn more about changes to the marketing industry. Brightedge is an industry leader in SEO technology that offers digital marketing and SEO events for marketers to attend.

Voice Search 

The use of voice search continues to increase, so ensuring SEO meshes with both written and voice queries is crucial. Several companies, including most cellphone providers, have a version of Apple’s SiriSoundhound is another smart voice assistant created to help you optimize websites for voice search.

Browser Extensions 

Browser extensions increase marketing efficiencies by creating a seamless customer workflow. For example, Evernote is a browser extension that directly saves information from the web, such as articles, screenshots, and webpages, easily accessible from an online storage system.

News Search 

Incorporating current events in your marketing efforts helps portray a personable side of your brand. Flipboard provides access to various news sources where users can share and collect multiple sources all in one place.

Tag Management 

Tag management can be a time-consuming task. Piwik Pro Tag Manager enables you to control all aspects of data collection more efficiently. This software lets you spend less time on tags and focus on other data.

Paid Search Tools 

Utilizing paid search can improve your rank in search results when consumers search for one of your keywords. KeywordSpy offers advanced keyword tracking to monitor competitors by tracking existing keywords, keywords from your competitor, and more with just one click.

Scholarly Search 

Scholarly search relates to finding academic literature such as research, studies, and journals. This feature comes in handy if needing evidence to support building a new strategy. Helping to filter through seemingly endless content and highlight trustworthy sources is Base-Search, an academic search engine that provides a series of scholarly internet resources.

Search Education 

Staying up to date on the latest search trends is crucial but not always easy. Fortunately, SEObook offers over 100 training modules for educational training that cover keyword research, link building, and much more.

Landing Page Testing 

Landing pages need to be functional, consistent, engaging and motivate consumers to act. Instapage is a landing page builder that can assist in developing online campaigns, including A/B Testing, multiple campaign management, easy page building, and more.

Video Search 

Video consumption increases annually. In effect, marketers need to know the best places to post video content. YouTube is a leading platform for publishing and consuming video content. Another video platform gaining attention is Daily Motioni

Search Engines 

It can be easy to ignore most search engines since Google dominates much space. Infinity Search is another useful platform that offers customizable search results retrieved from the site’s search indexes.

Shopping Search 

Do you want to browse products and deals from specific brands all in one place? boasts an extensive selection of items and compares prices to other sites.

Archival Search 

Many archival search services allow you to search for a variety of topics. Archive is one such archival site and stores snapshots of webpages even if the original page disappears.

Travel Search 

Today’s technology lets us plan a whole vacation from the comfort of our couch. Many sites offer the ability to search for flights, hotels, and things to do during the trip. While TripAdvisor and Airbnb are some of the top travel search sites, another useful travel search tool that finds affordable and efficient results for travel needs is MeTripping.

Are you interested in learning more about search marketing? Download our Search Marketing Map with live links here. In addition, we encourage you to post any images related to our Search Marketing Map. Just remember to link back to this page.


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