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Overdrive’s SocialEye Solves the Problem of Measuring ROI From Social Media

Arguably, the most important part of any social media strategy is demonstrating the return on investment. Showing the ROI in social media can sometimes get a little hairy, but it is a necessary piece to the puzzle. Fortunately here at Overdrive Interactive, we have an application called SocialEye.com that overcomes this challenge!

In order to show exactly how successful a social media campaign is, having access to data that shows daily activity is a must-have. While companies struggle with this reporting aspect in social media marketing, the true importance can become unclear. Having data such as internal and external traffic, engagements, and user interactions makes for a clearer picture. With Overdrive’s SocialEye.com, each campaign is supported by daily charts, numbers, and graphs that directly prove the impact of each element in the campaign.

Many social media strategists have begun social media outreach to develop conversation between users, listen and learn about their audience and implement website integration. While all of these options are key, each piece is time consuming to accomplish. So as individuals spend hours of their time on social media channels to retain insights on unique users, SocialEye.com comes to the rescue again! With a preliminary process of importing analytics, all of this data becomes part of the dashboard.

As social media receives larger budgets and more attention in 2011, many social media strategists are challenged with finding a way to present its success. Without pulling your hair out over hours of channel surfing, take a look at Overdrive’s SocialEye.com application as it provides a solution to these problems.

Learn how you can track social media ROI with SocialEye.com by downloading a FREE whitepaper.

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