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Social Media Recap: What Went Down in Social Last Week

The world of social media has been very active this past week with updates.  As Twitter celebrates its 8th birthday they have developed a website that lets you see your first post by typing in your Twitter handle. Whoever has a public Twitter is searchable: first-tweets.com.

Twitter is also testing a new feature on the alpha version of their Android application. The feature is called “Fave People” and allows you to track people by tapping an icon on their Twitter. When you go to the “Fave People” tab on Twitter their tweets will be displayed.

pic 2

Though both of these changes to Twitter are minor, Twitter’s head of news, Vivian Schiller hinted that the social platform could be making some bigger changes. She recently stated that Twitter could potentially be getting rid of @-replies and hashtags. If this is true, it would change the entire dynamic of Twitter. If you recall when Facebook introduced Timeline, you probably remember the miniature heart attack you had. It would be interesting to see how people would react to such a big change from Twitter.

pic 3

Facebook has also been testing out new features on their mobile applications. They have developed a new timeline design for their iOS app.

pic 4

On the iOS application Facebook has also added a feature that lets you choose specific friends to share pictures with. Androids users shouldn’t fear though because they are still getting attention from Facebook. Facebook recently released an updated version of their mobile messenger for android beta users. In Addition, Facebook made some changes to their event pages. They added a “copy event” feature which lets you copy the details from an event. Facebook is making big changes in terms of programming. For the last few years Facebook Engineers Bryan O’Sullivan, Julien Verlaguet, and Alok Menghrajani have been creating a programming language and it’s just been introduced. This program called “Hack” is a language that lets programmers create websites and software quickly while also maintaining organization and precision with their software code. This programming language will be revolutionary.

hack language

Pinterest is also making some changes. They just launched a Hindi version making them available now in 24 languages. On top of that, Pinterest just added a “Gifts Feed” which only displays pins that are available for purchase saving you the time of hunting down a product only to find out it’s not even for sale.

pic 5

Happy birthday Twitter, and that wraps up this lively week in social!

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