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Social Media Updates This Week: Twitter’s Tailored Audiences, Facebook’s New Algorithm And Advertising Program

Here are the social media updates you should now about from this week:

Social networking site Facebook announced earlier this week that they have changed their news feed algorithm. This update was prompted to provide users with more news stories in their personal feeds targeted directly for them. The site has added several additional features as well, promoting related articles to appear underneath ones that users have clicked on, as well as updating its story bumping feature to highlight articles that have recent comments on it.


The social giant also announced that it would be revamping its entire advertising program. Launching in February of next year, Facebook will be adding an additional layer to their current advertising structure. The changes are meant to provide advertisers an easier way to target their campaigns towards a specific objective. Facebook hopes that the updates will ease the organizing of clients’ campaigns and provide a more integrated way to control advertising budgets and measure campaign performance.

Micro-blogging site Twitter has also announced updates to their advertising structure. Earlier this week, the site announced a new product called “tailored audiences”. With tailored audiences, the site is expanding the reach of advertisers, gathering relevant shopping behavior information about the user even when they are away from Twitter. The retargeting program will show promoted tweets on users’ feeds from brands that users have expressed interest in from their other online activity. Twitter users who fear for their privacy can opt out of the service by merely unchecking the “promoted content” box in their settings. The company will also not receive any browser-based cookie data if the user has enabled Do Not Track in their browsers, as to not scare away any users.


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