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Why — and How — You Should be Targeting College Grads

graduate using computer

You walk across the stage, get your diploma, and then ask yourself, now what? For many college graduates, being thrown from their comfortable campuses into the realities of the real world is terrifying.

Not surprisingly, a recent Facebook study (which you can read all about in this article here) found securing a job to be the number one priority of recent college graduates. According to this study, they “talked about interviews on Facebook 83% more than the year before, employers 72% more and jobs 54% more.”

Data revealed in this same article also showed that recent grads are more active on Facebook than the average user. While they generate 60% more posts and send 30% more messages, they were also found to be increasingly mobile. When compared to the previous year, their engagement with mobile Facebook grew by 150%, indicative of their active lifestyle.

So why is this so important to marketers? We all know how essential audience engagement is. Targeting an active audience means they are more likely to engage, providing exposure. It is also a great opportunity for job search services, professional clothing retailers, employers, or professional organizations. This is an audience who wants to hear from them. And for those looking to target these post grads, we know how to reach them: mobile.

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