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3 Ways SEO is Like an Iceberg

An iceberg can be very deceiving. It’s hard to imagine more than the impressive mass of ice floating along in the ocean, but there’s a fact behind the old adage “that’s just the tip of the iceberg”: the majority of any iceberg is underwater, invisible to the naked eye.  And although much of our work is digital, we can still draw inspiration from the natural. Just as the iceberg has secret depth, so should a website- SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the behind the scenes work that digital marketers use to attract more visits, clicks, and impressions to their site.

Since the 1990s, marketers and web professionals have been digging deeper into the knowledge of search engines and how they truly attract customers to click. Like an iceberg, SEO continuously changes depending on many different factors the world has to throw at it.


1. The Tip of the Iceberg

To an internet user, the main focus is ease-of-use. The average user doesn’t really care how you get your site to the top of the search results: they want to type in a keyword or question into Google and browse accurate data as quickly as possible. A Google query is the tip of the proverbial iceberg- the idea of typing a string of words into a text box and receiving information. It is very rare that someone would dive deep into the water to see what else the iceberg has to offer. If they did, they’d find the intricate workings of many digital marketers constantly working and re-working their SEO strategy.


2. Structured SEO

Search engines are merely the roadways that connect a user to their final destination. SEO is the guiding force behind the top results. Using keywords, images, links, and posts, websites are now more available to the public eye through the use of search engines. Without any SEO, the site would simply vanish into the endless Internet- imagine our iceberg melting away into the ocean.


3. SEO Can Sink or Swim

While even the most basic SEO optimization can help a website stay afloat for a while, there’s no substitute for a professionally developed strategy. Using the wrong words or targeting the wrong markets can set your website up to sink. The structure of your SEO plan should be cohesive with your other programs, such as social media marketing. Just as environmental factors effect the well-being of an iceberg, the ever-changing trends of the Internet could put a toll on your site. For all of these reasons and more, it is important that you rely on a great Search team to fully optimize and maintain your business website.


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