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Instagram Video vs. Vine

With 89 million Americans watching an average of 1.2 billion online videos every day, video sharing has become a significant aspect of social media. Vine — an app that allows users to create looping videos with a time limit of six seconds — is proof of the popularity of video sharing. Launched by Twitter in January, this easy-to-use app has gained more than 13 million users over the past five months, claiming the title of the most downloaded free app in the iOS App Store back in April.

Now, as you may have heard, the popular social photo-sharing app Instagram has recently added video capabilities.  This development has probably left you wondering which of the two video sharing platforms is right for you — Instagram video or Vine? To help you better answer this question, we have captured some of the differences between the two apps in the chart below:

For more information about the apps and a quick sample of what people are using them for, check out Instagram and Vine‘s official blogs.

We Want to Know! Based on the above, which platform do you think is right for you — Instagram video or Vine? Tell us why in the Comment section below!

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