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Mobile (Bacon) Marketing

Oscar Meyer just launched a coast-to-coast socially-enabled marketing campaign called Bacon Barter.  Here’s the premise: they are sending a guy out to drive from the east coast to the west coast with a truckload of their Butcher Thick Cut Bacon and he has to barter for whatever he needs – gas, food, clothes, a place to sleep for the night.  He doesn’t have cash, he doesn’t have credit cards, he just has bacon.  Lots and lots of bacon.

But he isn’t really alone with all that bacon because the Oscar Meyer Facebook page has 735,000 friends.  Their Twitter feed has close to 3000 followers and the campaign’s Instagram page has been shared over 11 million times.

This is a very smart campaign – Oscar Meyer is leveraging interactions with their fan base on all their social channels, they are providing a level of crowd-sourced entertainment value with the bartered items (one guy even got a bacon tattoo), and they are firmly implanting the brand with all of their social followers.

All for the price of a truckload of bacon.

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