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New Features in Twitter Advertising Enhances Targeting for Brands

Twitter has once again added new features to its advertising product, Promoted Tweets. Previously, this product allowed brands’ tweets to appear at the top of search results within the micro-blogging platform. As recent as yesterday, these features are being adjusted to provide brands with increased exposure and enhanced targeting to followers.

As explained in an email from The Twitter Team, this new Promoted Tweets feature will have brands’ Tweets appear at the top of a follower’s timeline when they either log into Twitter or refresh the page. Just like all Tweets, these will scroll through a follower’s timeline stream as more Tweets are published.

For advertisers, they will only pay when a follower engages with their Tweet. This not only increases the exposure to their brand on Twitter, but allows them to target their followers regardless of when the Tweet was published; if a follower logs into Twitter a few hours later, that Tweet will still immediately appear at the top of their timeline.

This new feature has been developed to provide increased benefits to businesses looking to further engage with their followers on Twitter. As this begins to roll out for brands, we will see how much more effective this advertising model becomes for the user and brand alike.

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